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Episode Timestamp Description
C3E001 The Draw of Destiny 01:32:46 Dorian and Orym have a conversation about Fearne while in the gondola with Fearne
C3E001 The Draw of Destiny 02:24:40 Sam interrupts with his new beverage vessel
C3E001 The Draw of Destiny 02:51:43 Why F.C.G. is named that
C3E002 Trial by Firelight 01:20:55 The candy box falls over.
C3E002 Trial by Firelight 01:33:56 Pâté explains why Laudna is puppeteering a dead rat.
C3E003 The Trail and the Toll 00:36:29 Bertrand and Imogen dance through the bar.
C3E004 On the Trail of a Killer 01:12:33 The Werther’s Feud
C3E004 On the Trail of a Killer 01:12:44 “No one’s tweeted Werther’s since ‘43!”
C3E004 On the Trail of a Killer 01:41:19 The coin was from somebody that was dead, yes.
C3E004 On the Trail of a Killer 01:44:55 Orym really thinks FCG should take the 200 gold.
C3E004 On the Trail of a Killer 02:42:34 Imogen heard the leader of Whitestone is way more powerful than the leader of Zephrah.
C3E004 On the Trail of a Killer 03:00:04 Fearne hopes Bertrand learns to like jazz.
C3E006 Growing Bonds and Teasing Threads 00:45:59 Orym asks FCG about the others like them, by name
C3E006 Growing Bonds and Teasing Threads 00:57:22 Sam comments on how Laudna’s life would make a cool TV show
C3E006 Growing Bonds and Teasing Threads 01:01:27 Sam’s ad read during Robbie’s whisper to Laura
C3E006 Growing Bonds and Teasing Threads 01:09:24 Instead of wrapping up the night, the party continues to discuss a group name
C3E006 Growing Bonds and Teasing Threads 02:20:59 Anni, are you okay?
C3E007 Behind the Curtain 00:00:41 Sam doesn’t know the product he’s reading the ad for.
C3E007 Behind the Curtain 01:01:48 FCG asks how to get into acting, particularly voice.
C3E007 Behind the Curtain 01:04:57 Ashton leaves his headshot on the way out.
C3E007 Behind the Curtain 01:27:33 The cat costumes are very jellicle.
C3E007 Behind the Curtain 03:25:37 They broke the fourth wall.
C3E007 Behind the Curtain 03:44:26 Chetney might be on his tippy toes.
C3E007 Behind the Curtain 03:45:14 Chetney asks if the party is looking for work.
C3E007 Behind the Curtain 03:45:35 Chetney introduces himself.
C3E007 Behind the Curtain 03:46:49 Chetney threatens a counter insight check.
C3E008 A Woodworker’s Quandary 00:34:02 Chetney isn’t really holding up a map
C3E008 A Woodworker’s Quandary 01:18:05 At Fearne drinking from FCG.
C3E008 A Woodworker’s Quandary 03:14:55 Rat Fearne travels “unseen.”
C3E011 Chasing Nightmares 01:15:27 At everyone singing “Makin’ my way” slowly
C3E011 Chasing Nightmares 04:31:07 Laudna thinks Keyleth sounds unfathomably awesome.
C3E011 Chasing Nightmares 04:39:10 Laudna attempts to announce names for the ball.
C3E012 Make It Fashion 00:29:14 Chetney's favorite movie is Se7en.
C3E012 Make It Fashion 00:58:30 After hearing the prices for ball clothing, FCG and Chetney wonder aloud if the shop does rentals.
C3E012 Make It Fashion 01:42:05 Marwa chides herself about recalling the prices of her own wares.
C3E012 Make It Fashion 01:47:44 Marwa really needs to clean her shop.
C3E012 Make It Fashion 02:24:51 Chetney's advice: "Fiber's important."
C3E012 Make It Fashion 02:27:23 Ashton is very insistent on arts and crafts.
C3E012 Make It Fashion 02:46:38 FCG has to hold the ziggurat just so to focus their magic.
C3E012 Make It Fashion 03:46:10 Use the whole doll, not just the suit.
C3E012 Make It Fashion 04:21:56 Chetney suggests the worst case scenario, which involves a werewolf appearing in the middle of the ball.
C3E012 Make It Fashion 04:29:23 The ziggurat is suggested as an attachment for FCG.
C3E012 Make It Fashion 04:29:31 Fearne: "Maybe we should be the Grab Bags!"
C3E012 Make It Fashion 04:31:43 "And now, the dancing shall begin." (Liam and Taliesin sing "Ants Go Marching")
C3E013 A Dance of Deception 00:03:51 Number Two knows what he must do to get BlackWillow69 out of his body.
C3E013 A Dance of Deception 00:31:47 Sam acts out Chetney placing his chisel inside FCG's mouth.
C3E013 A Dance of Deception 03:28:28 Slap the moth!
C3E014 In Too Deep 01:11:45 Paying debts? In the bathroom? That's a lot of work.
C3E015 The Tunnels Below 00:03:11 Sam's romance with his toothbrush.
C3E015 The Tunnels Below 00:38:17 Movement through hard tunnels.
C3E015 The Tunnels Below 00:39:25 The tunnel curved to the side, like they all do.
C3E015 The Tunnels Below 00:50:48 FCG doesn't believe in evolution.
C3E015 The Tunnels Below 01:25:15 Gus got riled up about patches.
C3E015 The Tunnels Below 01:25:28 Gus accidentally maybe possibly promised potential deputy membership.
C3E015 The Tunnels Below 01:25:34 Gus continues to regret "doing it again."
C3E015 The Tunnels Below 01:28:55 Gus doesn't want to use his "in" into the mines.
C3E015 The Tunnels Below 02:15:14 Ogdes is still working through some resentment.
C3E015 The Tunnels Below 04:07:20 The table sings, "Quicker than a ray (of frost)"
C3E016 The Shade Mother 01:23:10 Fresh Cut Grass needs NordVPN.
C3E016 The Shade Mother 03:38:36 How HURT are you.
C3E016 The Shade Mother 03:38:45 Hard? HURT.
C3E016 The Shade Mother 03:56:49 Chetney is SO ready. Even though it's not 3 AM. And he needs water.
C3E016 The Shade Mother 03:59:00 More flirting between Fearne and Chetney.
C3E017 Heart-to-Heartmoor 01:25:17 FCG theorizes on how to remove all of their pent-up energy.
C3E017 Heart-to-Heartmoor 01:25:28 Everyone else encourages FCG to practice “self-care.”
C3E017 Heart-to-Heartmoor 01:48:35 Chetney knows how attractive he is, so keep it on the low.
C3E017 Heart-to-Heartmoor 02:14:42 Sam doesn’t know how Fearne’s knees work. Or that she wears clothes.
C3E017 Heart-to-Heartmoor 02:44:10 While Fearne looks up her mother’s name, FCG asks if it’s Whitestone Andy.
C3E017 Heart-to-Heartmoor 03:30:24 Imogen and FCG are going deep and hard. Mentally.
C3E017 Heart-to-Heartmoor 03:36:15 The thought of Laudna suffering a horrific death. Again.
C3E018 A Hungry Jungle 01:35:20 FCG offers to take care of some of Imogen’s blackheads.
C3E018 A Hungry Jungle 01:42:06 Laudna offers to make Imogen some… tassels.
C3E019 Omens Above 01:08:03 Sam remembers to plug D&D Beyond.
C3E019 Omens Above 01:30:08 How do you pronounce pitons?
C3E019 Omens Above 02:56:31 Sam: "I cast Decompose."
C3E019 Omens Above 03:03:56 The music box tests Chetney's heart.
C3E019 Omens Above 03:04:13 Chetney tells Fearne that after that scare, they probably shouldn't leave time to chance.
C3E019 Omens Above 03:05:00 Pâté grabs Sashimi's butt.
C3E019 Omens Above 03:54:23 Sam recalls the "common" childhood experience of being let loose in a toy store.
C3E021 Fight at the Museum… 00:25:21 Matt demonstrates Laudna lying face down, coming to consciousness.
C3E021 Fight at the Museum… 01:10:05 Sam casts Yassify.
C3E021 Fight at the Museum… 01:49:08 Sam: “It’s the Milgram Experiment!”
C3E021 Fight at the Museum… 02:36:28 Chetney wants to platinum this challenge.
C3E021 Fight at the Museum… 02:57:37 Chetney reads about “bosoms galore” in the stolen journal.
C3E021 Fight at the Museum… 02:04:16 Imogen tries to get the right voice to read the letter.
C3E022 Promise and Potential 03:18:38 Chetney and FCG discuss how the former can hold in his inner beast.
C3E022 Promise and Potential 03:20:00 Matt continues to tolerate the discussion on Chetney not going over the edge.
C3E022 Promise and Potential 03:24:27 Marwa tries to recall what magical items she may have obtained recently.
C3E022 Promise and Potential 03:29:51 Marwa is frustrated with the murder apron.
C3E023 To The Skies 00:55:49 Matt is still mad about Sam's Toys "R" Us experience.
C3E023 To The Skies 00:57:05 No one is allowed to Number 2 in the portable hole. Sam: "Pee Pees only."
C3E023 To The Skies 03:36:25 Fearne pretends she can't get her arm out of the skirath eye socket.
C3E023 To The Skies 03:47:49 It's been a while since Pâté has been this high. Yes, that kind of high.
C3E023 To The Skies 03:49:43 FGC wonders how long it would take to sail to the edge of the world.
C3E024 The Hellcatch Valley 00:03:58 Au-rôr-a.
C3E024 The Hellcatch Valley 00:05:06 Sometimes pronunciation is hard, y'all.
C3E024 The Hellcatch Valley 01:48:35 Did Ashton work at Taste of Tal'Dorei? NO.
C3E024 The Hellcatch Valley 02:09:45 Chetney made a house for Pâté and Sashimi.
C3E024 The Hellcatch Valley 03:38:55 Chetney introduces himself to Dusk as Wolfgang.
C3E025 A Taste of Tal'Dorei 00:00:37 Welcome back, Ludo McGillicutty.
C3E025 A Taste of Tal'Dorei 00:12:27 Matt is a little out of practice.
C3E025 A Taste of Tal'Dorei 03:43:04 Ashton doesn’t want to be stained by Laudna’s tears.
C3E026 Hidden Truths 00:48:53 Fearne and Chetney discuss getting off on the right side of the bed.
C3E026 Hidden Truths 01:16:10 Sam diverts from his under-the-table distraction by shilling the product.
C3E026 Hidden Truths 01:36:12 Ashton loves smuggling. It’s basically vacation that someone else pays for.
C3E026 Hidden Truths 03:51:58 Imogen and FCG privately comment on why Imahara Joe is so excited about FCG.
C3E026 Hidden Truths 03:52:12 FCG suggests everyone give themself and Joe some privacy.
C3E026 Hidden Truths 03:54:30 Chetney and FCG consider the magic potential of FCG with a wand.
C3E026 Hidden Truths 04:03:54 Sam reminds us that Fearne’s postcards are available in the Critical Role shop.
C3E027 A Race for the Prize 00:01:08 Ludo McGillicutty and Dallas Baumgartner-Bouvier. There’s two of them now.
C3E027 A Race for the Prize 00:01:43 For the last time (not the last time), his name is Matt.
C3E027 A Race for the Prize 00:17:34 Chetney used to do miming, back in his hundreds.
C3E027 A Race for the Prize 00:44:37 Sam’s canister: 0 Minutes Since Major Lore Drop.
C3E027 A Race for the Prize 01:39:09 Chetney invented the term “hangry” about 300 years ago.
C3E027 A Race for the Prize 01:48:30 Chetney: “The invitation’s out there, but there’s been some personal s*** tonight, so it feels a little tone deaf.”
C3E027 A Race for the Prize 03:02:09 Fearne describes Otohan’s body, which she crawled up as a rat.
C3E027 A Race for the Prize 03:17:27 Dusk’s signals are mixed. Why else would they have missed the supposedly obvious fact that Joe wants to bone FCG?
C3E027 A Race for the Prize 03:34:48 Chetney reasons that based on statistics alone, a person at his age is the most lethal individual behind the wheel.
C3E028 The Deathwish Run 00:20:33 Liam suggests gluing FCG in place with the tanglefoot bag.
C3E029 Dark Portents 01:29:35 FCG doesn’t think blowing up the moons would affect them at all. Since the world is flat.
C3E030 Reunion & Revelation 00:20:39 Matt isn't sure why he drew attention to his sun scars.
C3E031 Breaking Point 01:54:14 Chetney rushes in with a doll. For therapy.
C3E031 Breaking Point 01:54:51 Fearne remarks on Chetney's remarkable... craftsmanship.
C3E031 Breaking Point 02:06:44 FCG remarks on the doll that Fearne is going to keep playing with for the rest of the campaign.
C3E031 Breaking Point 02:09:54 Laudna shoves all the dolls into the house, with a little red tie on the door handle.
C3E031 Breaking Point 02:25:34 Sam describes… stuff, coming out from the dollhouse.
C3E031 Breaking Point 02:46:11 Orym's morning acrobatics workout.
C3E031 Breaking Point 03:23:58 Sam's canister addresses the chat.
C3E031 Breaking Point 03:26:43 Chetney reflects on how badass FCG appeared when they first met.
C3E031 Breaking Point 03:46:52 Laudna remarks on the gnarlrock that Sashimi gave birth to.
C3E032 A Stage Set 00:26:06 Liam: Chetney Chiselhands?
C3E032 A Stage Set 00:26:47 FCG suggests putting a parking boot on their wheel.
C3E032 A Stage Set 01:11:42 FCG asks if Dancer had a tongue, or if their (non-canon) tongue came from her.
C3E032 A Stage Set 01:13:56 FCG demonstrates the “Evil Destruction” input, in a specific way with Sam’s hands.
C3E032 A Stage Set 01:17:14 Fresh Cut Grass Destroyed My…”
C3E032 A Stage Set 01:36:26 Chetney makes copies of his notes by carving them into his hand.
C3E032 A Stage Set 01:39:27 Laura continues Fearne’s half-uttered syllable in song.
C3E032 A Stage Set 01:39:42 The table laughter of Laura’s interruption continues.
C3E032 A Stage Set 01:53:30 The Karen Culling: “May I speak to a manager?”
C3E032 A Stage Set 02:34:25 As Ashton and Orym discuss the thing Orym broke, FCG comments on being broken inside.
C3E032 A Stage Set 02:42:44 Marisha: Open the mothah f***in’ gate!
C3E032 A Stage Set 03:41:56 Chetney can change his appearance.
C3E032 A Stage Set 03:49:53 Chetney insists he didn’t make the brooch he made.
C3E032 A Stage Set 00:58:28 Fearne suggests deciding who to save by a group vote.
C3E034 What Dreams May Come 02:14:15 Chetney pretends to taste-test the residuum.
C3E034 What Dreams May Come 02:15:41 Chetney pretends that he snorted the residuum.
C3E034 What Dreams May Come 02:15:50 Chetney pretends his heart is giving out after snorting the residuum.
C3E034 What Dreams May Come 02:20:26 Chetney offers a fingernail’s taste to Orym of the residuum.
C3E034 What Dreams May Come 02:20:55 Matt and Travis joke about the residuum drug trade.
C3E034 What Dreams May Come 03:33:49 Taliesin jokes about casting Fireball on Chetney, who is keeping dynamite sticks in a location indicated by a wink.
C3E036 A Desperate Call 01:17:05 Percy facepalms to Pike pulling aside the entryway rug for the ritual.
C3E036 A Desperate Call 01:17:16 Matt responds to Sam's canister's Missing Marisha flyer.
C3E036 A Desperate Call 01:18:17 Pike tries to recall how the resurrection ritual is supposed to go.
C3E036 A Desperate Call 02:10:39 Chetney assures FCG that Pike will just need their meat tongue to determine if they have a soul.
C3E036 A Desperate Call 02:29:53 Laura suggests where FCG's spiritual feet might be sticking out.
C3E037 From the Boughs 00:19:01 Imogen suddenly thinks they need berets as they approach the false Whitestone.
C3E037 From the Boughs 00:28:47 FCG suggests Orym try to open the door with his sword.
C3E037 From the Boughs 00:28:58 Ashton suggests bypassing the door by going through a window.
C3E037 From the Boughs 01:52:29 FCG uses his bonus action to remind the audience about D&D Beyond.
C3E037 From the Boughs 02:36:26 The cast confirms that Delilah isn't wearing anything.
C3E039 The Momentum of Murder 01:48:55 Sam has to make a call.
C3E039 The Momentum of Murder 01:59:00 Matt realizes belatedly what “drain the bacon grease” sounds like.
C3E039 The Momentum of Murder 01:59:13 Taliesin: Hey, we made fetch happen, all right!
C3E039 The Momentum of Murder 02:16:28 Laura is drinking just juice. Sam: “Mama juice.”
C3E039 The Momentum of Murder 03:23:58 Oops. Chetney did it again.
C3E039 The Momentum of Murder 03:26:34 Orym’s going to rub dirt on his wounds. Chetney is going to rub… something else.
C3E040 Compulsions 00:56:24 Chetney demonstrates how he's manacling himself, in case anyone wants to cuddle.
C3E040 Compulsions 01:36:45 Mister loads his new gun.
C3E040 Compulsions 02:36:31 Even before he was a werewolf, Chetney doesn't do half-measures.
C3E040 Compulsions 03:04:43 Chetney transforms, Magic Mike style.
C3E040 Compulsions 03:53:02 Matt gets himself with his own Silence of the Lambs reference.
C3E040 Compulsions 03:53:14 Continued regret about Silence of the Lambs.
C3E041 Call of the Wild 00:48:35 Can FCG get turnt on mushrooms?
C3E041 Call of the Wild 00:52:28 Laudna suggests giving FCG the baggie they got from Justi.
C3E041 Call of the Wild 01:41:55 Ashton extends the hammer size and shape comparisons.
C3E042 The City of Flowing Light 00:23:28 FCG pulls out the rabbit tongue.
C3E042 The City of Flowing Light 00:39:37 After Laudna fireballs Fearne, FCG wonders if they can go a day without killing each other.
C3E042 The City of Flowing Light 01:01:39 Chetney keeps the keys to his chains under his body.
C3E042 The City of Flowing Light 01:51:47 How would Chetney mark cards to count them? Well...
C3E042 The City of Flowing Light 02:01:12 Liam contributes to the stray thoughts FCG is picking up.
C3E042 The City of Flowing Light 02:01:25 Matt threatens Liam by rolling dice.
C3E042 The City of Flowing Light 02:12:30 No cheating tonight. But maybe TOMORROW NIGHT!
C3E042 The City of Flowing Light 02:14:34 It's a good thing slot machines aren't here, for Chetney's sake.
C3E042 The City of Flowing Light 03:00:54 Ashton warns that you don't want to see what happens when they eat shrimp.
C3E042 The City of Flowing Light 03:01:02 The cast elaborates on what you can expect.
C3E042 The City of Flowing Light 03:06:45 Sam wonders if the shrimp guy was filming them for TikTok.
C3E042 The City of Flowing Light 03:06:50 Continued laughter about Bells Hells’ impeccable customer behavior.
C3E042 The City of Flowing Light 03:23:07 Orym has trouble from last night's shrimp.
C3E043 Axiom Shaken 00:34:58 Slapstick comedy accidentally overtakes Ashley, Laura, and Sam.
C3E043 Axiom Shaken 01:23:50 Fearne isn't sure what she’s grabbing as she hoists Chetney over the fence.
C3E043 Axiom Shaken 02:06:33 Laudna and FCG comment on the painting, and Ebenold’s potential match with Carolle.
C3E043 Axiom Shaken 03:45:26 Chetney encourages Fearne to “spill her pouch.”
C3E044 Bawdy Basement Belligerence 00:40:46 Imogen kicks off Plan F***ing.
C3E044 Bawdy Basement Belligerence 00:41:24 Laudna has FCG begin “webcamming” the show.
C3E044 Bawdy Basement Belligerence 00:43:36 Chetney enters the scene, ready “to fix your pool.”
C3E044 Bawdy Basement Belligerence 00:46:57 Fearne continues the party’s very unique initiative.
C3E044 Bawdy Basement Belligerence 01:16:49 “They didn’t say we’d be working with live animals!”
C3E044 Bawdy Basement Belligerence 03:28:42 FCG suggests that you just need to get to know their friends… Biblically.
C3E045 Ominous Lectures 00:29:59 Sam’s canister is a movie poster for the previous episode’s basement antics.
C3E045 Ominous Lectures 00:30:22 FCG reminds everyone to keep the tension light between each other.
C3E045 Ominous Lectures 00:49:50 FCG comes to terms that they just told a LIE. To a PROFESSOR.
C3E045 Ominous Lectures 01:17:02 Sam explains that he has only used the old-fashioned kind of… devices.
C3E046 Night at the Ligament Manor 00:31:41 Chetney smells that hooch. Hooch, with an H.
C3E046 Night at the Ligament Manor 01:56:20 Chetney remembers Sadie Hawkins 375.
C3E047 The Fey Key 02:22:05 FCG counts down to enact the plan… which doesn’t exist yet.
C3E047 The Fey Key 03:31:56 FCG summons a Spiritual Cup of Coffee to threaten the Malleus Key’s machinery.
C3E048 An Exit Most Fraught 01:02:15 FCG asks Chetney to give him a beat to rhyme to.
C3E048 An Exit Most Fraught 01:44:07 Chetney tosses FCG's gift aside, saying it isn't big enough.
C3E049 The Aurora Grows 00:16:47 Chetney has never seen anything like the aurora. “It has begin.”
C3E049 The Aurora Grows 02:36:27 Travis asks if FCG’s meat tongue is rigid after FCG hears D’s voice.
C3E050 Red Moon Rising 03:04:33 Travis suggests to Marisha that now that she has multiple characters in the game, she can…
C3E051 The Apogee Solstice 00:41:44 “She’s OUR fey sociopath!”
C3E052 Far From The Others 00:09:31 Chetney says that if they have to repopulate the world, they’ll focus on that later.
C3E052 Far From The Others 00:20:22 FCG’s responsibility for repopulating the world: watch and film.
C3E052 Far From The Others 00:34:07 This half of the party agrees the other half was dead weight.
C3E052 Far From The Others 02:25:36 FCG produces four mango-flavored bundt cakes.
C3E052 Far From The Others 02:54:07 FCG follows “the one true god,” despite being aware of the pantheon.
C3E053 Ripples 00:34:33 Aabria asks for advantage. Just 'cause. Homie to homie, DM to DM.
C3E054 Treacherous Toys 00:34:13 Do Aeormatons dream of electric sheep?
C3E054 Treacherous Toys 00:56:01 Friend and Enemy both have a lot of commonality. "EN," specifically.
C3E054 Treacherous Toys 00:56:16 "NE."
C3E054 Treacherous Toys 00:58:53 Sam's t-shirt.
C3E054 Treacherous Toys 01:08:04 Fearne demonstrates how FCG with three legs could work.
C3E054 Treacherous Toys 02:04:14 Chetney does NOT make crafts that "just sit there."
C3E054 Treacherous Toys 02:04:43 Fearne redirects Chetney's anger with impending mortal peril by beetles.
C3E054 Treacherous Toys 04:15:16 And to all, a good day!
C3E054 Treacherous Toys 04:16:57 FCG: On Imogen, on FRIDA, On Mister and Fearne
C3E055 Hope Within History 02:49:01 Chetney requests that Deanna make him some sweatbands.
C3E055 Hope Within History 02:55:09 A wolf in a hoodie.
C3E055 Hope Within History 03:16:49 FCG's tongue: "Real, but only in quantum space."
C3E055 Hope Within History 03:18:01 FCG's joints are a little tense, he might need to be screwed a little.
C3E055 Hope Within History 03:18:22 Deanna makes a minor illusion of what she thinks is going on on the other side of the wall.
C3E055 Hope Within History 03:19:19 The cast goes into the scene that transpires as FRIDA paints FCG.
C3E056 By Goat or By Boat 00:54:47 FCG asks Deanna her intentions with Chetney, in rhyme.
C3E056 By Goat or By Boat 01:25:46 No stacking goats, even though that's worked in another game.
C3E056 By Goat or By Boat 01:30:26 Donnie Boy is worried if exploding is going to happen to him.
C3E058 Escape From The Past 02:09:09 No, the Staff of Dark Odyssey is not a dildo.
C3E058 Escape From The Past 03:26:25 Is the werewolf thing only for fighting? Only one way to find out!
C3E058 Escape From The Past 03:29:33 Imogen hears alarming sounds in the forest. From her friends.
C3E058 Escape From The Past 03:30:58 Fearne bit Deanna. Is she going to turn into a werefaun? Check her feet.
C3E058 Escape From The Past 03:56:20 Chetney made some chairs that were going to be enchanted and deadly.
C3E058 Escape From The Past 03:56:35 Chetney describes the dreaded chairs he used to work on.
C3E059 Somewhere Out There 02:02:43 Prism and Pâté discuss his ability to “release.”
C3E059 Somewhere Out There 03:43:39 Prism and Bor’Dor discuss which bodily functions Bor’Dor did not do in combat.
C3E059 Somewhere Out There 03:44:59 BorDor’s mother, who he hasn’t seen in a very, very long time, was not a bird.
C3E061 Crisis of Faith 00:01:16 Nordo the Nagnificent brings the [Mac]books down on Matt.
C3E061 Crisis of Faith 04:34:29 Bor’Dor suggests giving laxatives to the entirety of Vasselheim.
C3E062 A Long Walk of Reflection 00:50:18 Prism and Laudna make a “nightmare snowman” dummy for Bor’Dor to practice magic on.
C3E062 A Long Walk of Reflection 01:19:34 The party suggests taking a selfie with the githzerai skeleton in the crater.
C3E062 A Long Walk of Reflection 00:34:19 FCG's stress points were already on the edge before the night started.
C3E062 A Long Walk of Reflection 00:39:51 FCG kisses FRIDA. With tongue.
C3E062 A Long Walk of Reflection 02:44:23 Sam's cannister and bundt fall apart.
C3E062 A Long Walk of Reflection 02:44:41 Sam is serving bundt.
C3E062 A Long Walk of Reflection 02:46:03 Travis describes what Sam's bundt looks like.
C3E062 A Long Walk of Reflection 03:07:57 There is a difference between a literary larcenous and a literary arsenist.
C3E062 A Long Walk of Reflection 03:15:13 FCG and Mother do not have a good first interaction.
C3E062 A Long Walk of Reflection 03:47:33 FCG assures FRIDA that Deanna has One-Punch Grimpoppy to take care of her.
C3E062 A Long Walk of Reflection 03:58:16 Prism gives FCG the whole pack of smokes.
C3E064 Reunited 00:34:19 FCG's stress points were already on the edge before the game started.
C3E064 Reunited 00:39:51 FCG kisses FRIDA. With tongue.
C3E064 Reunited 02:44:23 Sam's cannister and bundt fall apart.
C3E064 Reunited 02:44:41 Sam is serving bundt.
C3E064 Reunited 02:46:03 Travis describes what Sam's bundt looks like.
C3E064 Reunited 03:07:57 There is a difference between a literary larcenous and a literary arsenist.
C3E064 Reunited 03:15:13 FCG and Mother do not have a good first interaction.
C3E064 Reunited 03:47:33 FCG assures FRIDA that Deanna has One-Punch Grimpoppy to take care of her.
C3E064 Reunited 03:58:16 Prism gives FCG the whole pack of smokes.
C3E065 A Path of Vengeance 00:21:57 Chetney states he's practically certified in sexual healing.
C3E065 A Path of Vengeance 00:22:10 Wolf form is an additional add-on for the aforementioned services.
C3E067 Bloody Flowers 00:16:21 Sam starts off the flower puns with "taint flowers."
C3E067 Bloody Flowers 00:21:34 Laudna explains away "the beef" between her and Imogen to the curious party.
C3E067 Bloody Flowers 00:57:45 FCG summons Spiritual Windshields against the bird-like demons.
C3E067 Bloody Flowers 01:27:58 Fearne still has it up, ooh wah-ah-ah-ah!
C3E067 Bloody Flowers 02:48:44 Laudna pops the lock.
C3E068 For The Tempest 03:30:28 FCG tries to make a bunch of stipulations to the Changebringer when requesting aid via Divination. They are trying to save her life, after all.
C3E069 Nice 01:42:31 Ashton can try to make some booze. Not right now in the bar, later.
C3E069 Nice 01:42:52 FCG has been slow-baking some brownies. Unfortunately, so has Chetney.
C3E069 Nice 01:54:40 FCG wonders if Ashton is anti-god because they are Team Titan.
C3E069 Nice 02:26:24 Has Fearne ever seen Big D? Chetney assures them she has.
C3E069 Nice 03:18:29 Dancer tries to process everything FCG and Imogen present her.
C3E069 Nice 03:19:44 In a different timeline, Chetney attacks Keyleth/Laudna.
C3E070 Embattled in Bassuras 00:03:17 Sam's FPS ad read.
C3E070 Embattled in Bassuras 04:37:34 Rewtenish-shewr-shrew.
C3E071 Mist and Whimsy 01:23:00 FCG doesn't have a sphincter. Marisha wonders if Pussy had one.
C3E071 Mist and Whimsy 01:48:51 Putting poo on the hot spots, the pits and the bits.
C3E071 Mist and Whimsy 01:51:24 FCG standing out in the poo-rain like Shawshank Redemption.
C3E073 Kindling the Spirits 00:54:16 Bells Hells invented Taco Bell.
C3E073 Kindling the Spirits 02:09:14 Bells Hells Pleasantvilles the ship.
C3E073 Kindling the Spirits 02:09:23 "The captain's getting peg-legged right now."
C3E073 Kindling the Spirits 02:10:17 FCG still has special brownies to give to the ghost pirates.
C3E073 Kindling the Spirits 02:20:03 FCG offers to remix any music Fearne plays.
C3E073 Kindling the Spirits 02:21:51 The pirates can't eat, but they can shtup!
C3E074 Roots Between Worlds 00:17:04 The party suggests making a basket big enough to hold all of them inside Stork!Fearne's mouth, and film it for TikTok.
C3E074 Roots Between Worlds 01:06:44 Honorary Facepalm: Matt takes a lap around the table after FCG describes their parts as having fishy smells.
C3E074 Roots Between Worlds 01:23:48 Fearne smells something. FCG assures her what it isn't.
C3E074 Roots Between Worlds 02:09:13 Matt falls to the pre-camera shout.
C3E075 An Ancient Flame 03:26:09 Travis: "DJ Khaled! Ludinus!"
C3E076 A Gathering of Heroes 00:58:39 Percival realizes everyone is expecting him to cough up a magical item to destroy.
C3E077 The Promise and the Price 02:23:37 The party vividly describes the wood on the moon.
C3E078 Fractures 00:02:45 Sam: I’m a cat. And That’s Not a Hat!
C3E079 To Hurt Is to Heal 00:02:16 Matt is not the father. No, really, he really isn’t. Sam is older.
C3E079 To Hurt Is to Heal 01:11:49 The way Imogen says what Chetney is thinking isn’t the way it sounds when he says it.
C3E079 To Hurt Is to Heal 02:49:59 FCG steers the head of the mushroom right toward the bush.
C3E079 To Hurt Is to Heal 02:50:35 The party describes all the little spores coming out of the mushroom head.
C3E079 To Hurt Is to Heal 02:51:12 The expended spores from the mushroom cause it to curl and wither.
C3E080 A Test of Trust 00:31:28 The trust exercise between Laudna and Imogen immediately fails.
C3E081 The Eve of the Red Moon 00:19:48 Chetney is not discouraged that Morri might turn him into a baby. Nay, encouraged!
C3E081 The Eve of the Red Moon 00:20:21 "Nobody suspects a baby!"
C3E081 The Eve of the Red Moon 00:28:28 Fearne just wants to see how deep in there Ashton can get. Into the ground. What did you think she meant?
C3E081 The Eve of the Red Moon 00:42:57 Maybe Fearne is going to need some ginger touching.
C3E081 The Eve of the Red Moon 00:56:11 Chetney could BECOME WOOD.
C3E083 Ruidus 01:38:12 “We need to queef out of here”
C3E083 Ruidus 02:32:37 Double dirty 20s from Travis and Liam - “Like father, like son”
C3E083 Ruidus 02:34:16 Be-queefed. Beep Beep.
C3E083 Ruidus 02:38:06 Laudna is intimately familiar with the more moisture-based portions of natural spaces
C3E083 Ruidus 02:53:51 Imogen and Fearne sharing tampons
C3E089 Divisive Portents 03:46:37 Discover the secrets of Dunamussy