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Data prior to Campaign 3 Episode 82 provided by the team at CritRoleStats. Please see Bells Hells Campaign Stats — CritRoleStats for their version of this data.

Full time Gameplay time Game 1st half Game 2nd half Mid break 1st start 1st end 2nd start 2nd end
4h 14m 37s 3h 48m 49s 1h 22m 42s 2h 26m 7s 11m 35s 00:11:42 01:34:24 01:45:59 04:12:06

Encounter Total length Start time End time Rounds In game time Notes
Skirath Hunters 1h 7m 47s 02:13:00 03:20:47 3 18s

Name First mention First appearance Race (if given) Description (if given)
Xandis, Captain (Confirmed by Matt) C3E014 In Too Deep at 04:15:44 C3E023 To The Skies at 01:18:37 Tiefling Nonbinary, strong-looking, squat, faintly blue-gray skin, bald, curved pointed ears, horns that jut straight back about seven or eight inches before coming to a gentle curve upward, pair of facial tattoos that carve dark black tattoos under the eyes and point down like daggers down the cheeks, billowing clothes of fiery reds and orange than contrast strongly with their skin tone, massive saber to their side (she/they)
Aerie Spire Gondola Couple C3E023 To The Skies at 01:07:55 C3E023 To The Skies at 01:07:55 Older, frumpy, grumpy
Khalil Benes (Confirmed by Matt) C3E023 To The Skies at 01:15:14 C3E023 To The Skies at 01:15:14 Human Man in 30s, very short dark hair, deeply tanned skin, glasses, uwavering smile, ragged sailing jacket (he/him)
Denalia (Confirmed by Matt) C3E023 To The Skies at 01:25:40 C3E023 To The Skies at 01:28:00 Bugbear Sasquatch-like arms, heavily hunched, mane of hair, rest of fur and softer spaces of body and face are a light sand color, sunbleached almost matching the ship, really nice summer dress (she/her)
Terana (Confirmed by Matt) C3E023 To The Skies at 01:26:04 C3E023 To The Skies at 01:27:24 Dwarf Woman, very young-looking, pale skin that’s been sunburned and is rosy at the forehead, cheeks, and nose, vibrant bright red-brown auburn hair pulled up tight with a polka dotted scarf across the head that’s tied in the back, leather vest, carrying pack of tools on one side (she/her)
Gordi (Confirmed by Matt) C3E023 To The Skies at 01:26:04 C3E023 To The Skies at 02:07:23 Goliath Tall, thin, holding broom (he/him)

Timestamp Whisper
01:05:00 Matt to Sam about Eshteross’

Timestamp Description
00:55:49 Matt is still mad about Sam's Toys "R" Us experience.
00:57:05 No one is allowed to Number 2 in the portable hole. Sam: "Pee Pees only."
03:36:25 Fearne pretends she can't get her arm out of the skirath eye socket.
03:47:49 It's been a while since Pâté has been this high. Yes, that kind of high.
03:49:43 FGC wonders how long it would take to sail to the edge of the world.

Timestamp Occasion Type
02:27:29 Skirath Hunters Space

NOTE: Numbers represent damage as dealt, taking into account resistances and other effects, and may differ from the damage as rolled.

Character Damage dealt
Ashton 59
Fearne 31
Imogen 25
Laudna 32
Orym 46
Chetney 38

Character Healing performed
Ashton 0
Fearne 0
FCG 18
Imogen 0
Laudna 0
Orym 0
Chetney 0

Character Spell Base level Cast at Notes
Chetney Invisibility 2 - Shadow Touched
Imogen Dancing Lights Cantrip Cantrip
Imogen Prestidigitation Cantrip Cantrip
Laudna Prestidigitation Cantrip Cantrip
Orym Gust Cantrip Cantrip
Laudna Silvery Barbs 1 1
Fearne Wild Shape - - Mister
Fearne Speak with Animals 1 1
Fresh Cut Grass Blindness/Deafness 2 3
Laudna Bane 1 1
Laudna Eldritch Blast Cantrip Cantrip
Imogen Dissonant Whispers 1 3
Laudna Shield 1 1
Fresh Cut Grass Healing Word 1 2 Laudna heals 7 points
Laudna Ray of Frost Cantrip Cantrip
Imogen Witch Bolt 1 3
Laudna Feather Fall 1 1
Orym Gust Cantrip Cantrip
Imogen Fly 3 3
Fresh Cut Grass Cure Wounds 1 Unknown Terana heals 11 points
Fresh Cut Grass Guidance Cantrip Cantrip
Fearne Guidance Cantrip Cantrip
Fearne Guidance Cantrip Cantrip

PC natural 20s

Total: 6

Timestamp Character Description
00:23:02 Chetney Athletics Check
00:27:04 Chetney Stealth Check with advantage
02:13:51 Orym Initiative with advantage
03:22:40 Laudna Strength Save
03:32:22 FCG Constitution Save
03:35:55 Fearne Dexterity Check

PC natural 1s

Total: 1

Timestamp Character Description
02:54:42 Ashton Hammer Reckless against Skirath Hunter (disregarded)

DM natural 20s

Total: 1

Timestamp Character Description
02:42:14 Skirath Hunter 1 Wisdom Save

DM natural 1s

Total: 2

Timestamp Character Description
02:25:52 Skirath Hunter 2 Tail Spear against Imogen
02:42:19 Skirath Hunter 2 Wisdom Save

Total: 2

Timestamp Character Description
03:09:35 Orym Skirath Hunter 1, Shortsword Goading Attack
03:19:12 Ashton Skirath Hunger 2, Hammer Reckless Attack

Total: 2

Timestamp Character Description
03:09:35 Orym Skirath Hunter 1
03:19:12 Ashton Skirath Hunter 2

Timestamp Payer Where obtained Receipient How obtained Gained item(s) Gained money Paid item(s) Paid money Notes
00:33:33 Chetney - Tuyen Otwana Gifted Healer's Kit
00:38:20 Party - Fearne Distributed Portable Hole Portable Hole
00:44:40 Orym - Chetney Gifted Horn of Silent Alarm Horn of Silent Alarm
00:46:16 Chetney - Orym Gifted Box (wooden, moons) Box (wooden, moons)
00:47:00 Chetney - Imogen Gifted Tray (moon) Tray (moon)
00:58:25 Ariks Eshteross - Party Gifted Cookies (50ish)
01:22:08 Laudna - Captain Xandis Gifted Cookie
03:32:51 - - Chetney Looted Skirath poison vials (3)
03:33:19 Ashton - Orym Gifted Liquor Liquor
03:36:28 - - Fearne Looted Skirath hunter eye
03:38:49 Fearne - Denalia Gifted Skirath hunter eye
03:52:17 Fearne - Fearne Crafted Wig (for Sashimi) Leg fur
03:52:17 Fearne - Laudna Gifted Wig (for Sashimi) Wig (for Sashimi)
04:07:22 Imogen - Laudna Loaned Gnarlrock shard Gnarlrock shard
04:09:58 Laudna - Laudna Broken Gnarlrock shard pieces Gnarlrock shard