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At a glance: C3E098 The Nox Engine


3h 50m 43s

Gameplay Start 00:18:04

Break Start 02:04:28

Break End 02:18:27

Total Combat Time

1h 17m 38s

Marisha’s Fan

            holding a white paper hand fan with the text “BODY HORROR FAN” in
            black writing connecting one side of Laudna’s body on the left of
            the fan with the other side on the other end. Blood connects
            Laudna’s two halves and spatters behind the lettering. Marisha is
            wearing a black dress with red sleeves and gold highlights and is
            standing posed with the fan open and her left hand on her hip.

Battlemap Highlight

A battlemap where Teven,
            with red wings sprouting from his caped back, faces off against the
            massive Dominox towering over four pointed pillars in front of a
            blue portal. Imogen stands just off to the side.

New Player Character

A minotaur entirely in black
            and white, with white skin and black hair draping over his two large
            horns which curve upwards from the top of his head. Wearing white
            plate armor with a black symbol of two curving horns on the chest
            and staring intensely at the viewer.

Welcome Back Sam’s Shirt

            wearing a silver sequined jacket over a black shirt. He smiles as he
            brushes his long black hair to the side. Streaks of black makeup
            stretch above and below his left eye and fit closer to his right