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Data prior to Campaign 3 Episode 82 provided by the team at CritRoleStats. Please see Bells Hells Campaign Stats — CritRoleStats for their version of this data.

Full time Gameplay time Game 1st half Game 2nd half Mid break 1st start 1st end 2nd start 2nd end
3h 56m 15s 3h 29m 24s 1h 54m 29s 1h 34m 55s 13m 30s 00:11:33 02:06:02 02:19:32 03:54:27

Encounter Total length Start time End time Rounds In game time Notes
Chimera and Cockatrices 1h 31s 00:57:36 01:58:07 4 24s 1 pre-round + 3 rounds full encounter

Name First mention First appearance Race (if given) Description (if given)
Divaasheela (Divaas)/Annaline (Confirmed by Matt) C3E022 Promise and Potential at 03:01:33 C3E040 Compulsions at 02:58:59 Human/Lycan (Weretiger) Weretiger form: Wide shoulders, giant hammer with iron head with tightly leather-wrapped long handle that is close to seven feet long, 6 and a half feet tall, dark gray-brown hide armor, jet black cloak, deep red-orange fur, wild spiky hair. Human form: Woman in late 40s, short dark red hair with gray streaks in three places that push to the back, intense expression, perpetually clenched jaw
Manad (Confirmed by Matt) C3E040 Compulsions at 03:02:12 C3E040 Compulsions at 03:02:12 Orc/Lycan (Werepanther) Werepanther form: Jet black fur, lithe, thin, one milky white eye, dark brown leathers, two shortswords, starkly green eyes, warm smile. Orc form: Scrawny, gray complexion, long black tangled hair, big tusks, well-kept goatee, piercing green eyes (he/him)
Yuvelo (Confirmed by Matt) C3E040 Compulsions at 03:02:12 C3E040 Compulsions at 03:02:12 Dragonborn/Lycan (Werewolf) Werewolf form: Pale gray leather, metallic bracers, wide back, stocky center, heavy crossbow. Dragonborn form: Green-scaled, pale blue eyes (he/him)
Fresceo (Confirmed by Matt) C3E040 Compulsions at 03:02:58 C3E040 Compulsions at 03:02:58 Dwarf/Lycan (Werewolf) Woman
Uther (Confirmed by Matt) C3E040 Compulsions at 03:03:00 C3E040 Compulsions at 03:03:00 Human/Lycan (Wereboar) Wereboar form: Dark gray, wiry tufted fur, large snout, tusks that curl outward. Human form: Man in late 50s or early 60s, short gray hair, bushier bear, medium tan skin, missing a tooth or two in the front of his jaw (he/him)
Gorgynei Werebear C3E040 Compulsions at 03:03:12 C3E040 Compulsions at 03:03:12 Unknown/Lycan (Werebear)
Barinak Citizens C3E040 Compulsions at 03:16:34 C3E040 Compulsions at 03:16:34 Lycans, some soldier-types, some just people, farmers
Tarad Cornei (Confirmed by Matt) C3E040 Compulsions at 03:35:07 C3E040 Compulsions at 03:35:07 Gnome Man that looks in human 30s, two big curly tufts of brown hair on the sides, big pair of square glass, a tiny Steve Brule (he/him)

Timestamp Whisper
03:48:55 Matt to Ashley about Annaline

Timestamp Description
00:56:24 Chetney demonstrates how he's manacling himself, in case anyone wants to cuddle.
01:36:45 Mister loads his new gun.
02:36:31 Even before he was a werewolf, Chetney doesn't do half-measures.
03:04:43 Chetney transforms, Magic Mike style.
03:53:02 Matt gets himself with his own Silence of the Lambs reference.
03:53:14 Continued regret about Silence of the Lambs.

Timestamp Occasion Type
01:11:17 Cockatrices and Chimera Probability

NOTE: Numbers represent damage as dealt, taking into account resistances and other effects, and may differ from the damage as rolled.

Character Damage dealt
Ashton 61
Fearne 67
FCG 23
Imogen 29
Laudna 30
Orym 102
Chetney 42

Character Healing performed
Ashton 0
Fearne 0
FCG 26
Imogen 0
Laudna 0
Orym 0
Chetney 0

Character Spell Base level Cast at Notes
Imogen Sending 3 3 Liliana
Imogen Sending 3 3 Liliana
Fresh Cut Grass Cure Wounds 1 Unknown Chetney heals 17 points
Fresh Cut Grass Cure Wounds 1 Unknown Orym heals 9 points
Fresh Cut Grass Speak with Animals 1 1
Fearne Wild Shape - - Mister
Fearne Flame Blade 2 2
Imogen Witch Bolt 1 3
Fresh Cut Grass Transfer Suffering - -
Laudna Form of Dread - -
Laudna Bane 1 1
Chetney Blood Curse of Bloated Agony - -
Chetney Invisibility 2 - Shadow Touched
Fresh Cut Grass Spiritual Weapon 2 2 Butcher knife
Fearne Scorching Ray 2 2
Imogen Summon Crimson Shade 4 4
Laudna Silvery Barbs 1 1
Laudna Eldritch Blast Cantrip Cantrip
Laudna Shocking Grasp Cantrip Cantrip
Chetney Rite of the Flame - -
Fresh Cut Grass Sacred Flame Cantrip Cantrip
Fresh Cut Grass Transfer Suffering - -
Fresh Cut Grass Guidance Cantrip Cantrip
Imogen Mage Armor 1 1
Ashton Pass Without a Trace 2 - Merge with Stone
Fresh Cut Grass Enhance Ability 2 2 Chetney, Eagle's Splendor
Fearne Wild Shape - - Wolf
Fresh Cut Grass Enhance Ability 2 2 Chetney, Eagle's Splendor
Imogen Message Cantrip Cantrip
Imogen Message Cantrip Cantrip
Imogen Prestidigitation Cantrip Cantrip

PC natural 20s

Total: 3

Timestamp Character Description
01:03:02 Orym Initiative with advantage
01:05:09 Orym Shortsword Goading against Cockatrice 1 (superiority die)
01:46:45 Laudna Eldritch Blast against Chimera

PC natural 1s

Total: 1

Timestamp Character Description
02:29:45 Chetney Perception Check

DM natural 20s

Total: 1

Timestamp Character Description
01:56:23 Chimera Wisdom Save with Bane

DM natural 1s

Total: 2

Timestamp Character Description
01:09:12 Cockatrice 2 Bite against Fearne
01:32:08 Cockatrice 2 Strength Save

Total: 4

Timestamp Character Description
01:05:48 Orym Cockatrice 1, Shortsword
01:12:18 Ashton Cockatrice 6, Hammer
01:13:06 Ashton Cockatrice 7, Hammer
01:56:56 Fearne Chimera, Ballista

Total: 1

Timestamp Character Description
01:56:56 Fearne Chimera

Timestamp Payer Where obtained Receipient How obtained Gained item(s) Gained money Paid item(s) Paid money Notes
00:54:58 Khalil Benes - Chetney Loaned Manacles
03:52:16 Tarad Cornei - Party Loaned Furs