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Data prior to Campaign 3 Episode 82 provided by the team at CritRoleStats. Please see Bells Hells Campaign Stats — CritRoleStats for their version of this data.

Full time Gameplay time Game 1st half Game 2nd half Mid break 1st start 1st end 2nd start 2nd end
4h 14m 21s 3h 46m 50s 2h 4m 43s 1h 42m 7s 15m 43s 00:10:23 02:15:06 02:30:49 04:12:56

Taliesin was absent this episode.

Name First mention First appearance Race (if given) Description (if given)
Planerider Ryn (Confirmed in C2) C3E019 Omens Above at 00:23:21 C3E043 Axiom Shaken at 02:40:53 Tiefling Woman, Deep ruby red skin, white almost sky blue piercing eyes with a single black pupil dot in each, horns curl back and up into two large pointed horns to the back of the head, very short black hair cut to the base of the skull with gray streaks that comb down in two parts, robes, leather armor, crooked wand (she/her)
Ebenold Kai (Confirmed by Matt) C3E019 Omens Above at 00:23:27 C3E043 Axiom Shaken at 02:12:46 Halfling Man in older years, mostly balding, gray-brown wavy mop of hair, ruddy complexion, pronounced wide nose, bushy chin beard, button-up white shirt, collar stained with sweat (he/him)
Carolle (Confirmed by Matt) C3E043 Axiom Shaken at 00:44:17 C3E043 Axiom Shaken at 00:44:17 Human Woman in 40s, pale, short blonde bob cut, green-blue leaf pin (she/her)
Yios Judicator 1 C3E043 Axiom Shaken at 00:49:26 C3E043 Axiom Shaken at 00:49:26 Vaguely human, somewhat messy red hair, pale skin, elaborate loose sleeveless vestments that drape around them like long robes with strips of gold embossed material, massive hammer-like muscular arms covered in intricate tattoos, platinum bracers carved with glyphs, face covered in dark bronze mask that lacks eyes or features but with patterned array of fine script and symbols, seven feet tall, no visible feet beneath robes and vestments, metallic arm guard with band that wraps around the hand where the knuckles sit that is a heavy extension of the platinum band
Yios Judicator 2 C3E043 Axiom Shaken at 01:00:48 Half-Giant
Aydinlan Seminary Headmaster C3E043 Axiom Shaken at 01:01:11
Vitro Isham, Professor (Confirmed by Matt) C3E043 Axiom Shaken at 01:05:43 C3E045 Ominous Lectures at 00:51:51 Firbolg Man in late 30s, early 40s, very tall and thin, soft maroon fur, red hair in thin mohawk that flops to one side, big multi-lensed glasses, large front teeth that protrude above the bottom jaw (he/him)
Yios Guard C3E043 Axiom Shaken at 01:34:54 C3E043 Axiom Shaken at 01:34:54 Orc Yios guard helmet, thick jaw, awesome jeweled ring put through one tusk on the side
Baryn Vestisho, Doctor (Confirmed by Matt) C3E043 Axiom Shaken at 02:12:39 C3E043 Axiom Shaken at 02:12:39 Half-Elf Woman, glasses or goggles, thick black shoulder-length hair, thick glasses, silver elven scrolling tattoos around eyes, slacks, green blouse (she/her)
Janina (Confirmed by Matt) C3E043 Axiom Shaken at 02:52:50
Niles (Confirmed by Matt) C3E043 Axiom Shaken at 02:43:25 C3E043 Axiom Shaken at 02:43:25 Fire Elemental
Highbearer of the Platinum Sanctuary C3E043 Axiom Shaken at 02:52:22
Ethedok, The Endless Shadow (Confirmed by Matt) C3E043 Axiom Shaken at 03:01:44 Deity
Vordo, The Fateshaper (Confirmed by Matt) C3E043 Axiom Shaken at 03:02:01 Deity
Predathos (Confirmed by Matt) C3E043 Axiom Shaken at 03:03:26
Bompers (Confirmed in ExU) C3E043 Axiom Shaken at 03:54:55

Timestamp Description
00:34:58 Slapstick comedy accidentally overtakes Ashley, Laura, and Sam.
01:23:50 Fearne isn't sure what she’s grabbing as she hoists Chetney over the fence.
02:06:33 Laudna and FCG comment on the painting, and Ebenold’s potential match with Carolle.
03:45:26 Chetney encourages Fearne to “spill her pouch.”

NOTE: Numbers represent damage as dealt, taking into account resistances and other effects, and may differ from the damage as rolled.

Character Damage dealt
Fearne 13
Imogen 4
Laudna 0
Orym 0
Chetney 0

Character Healing performed
Fearne 0
Imogen 0
Laudna 0
Orym 0
Chetney 0

Character Spell Base level Cast at Notes
Imogen Inflict Wounds 1 - Shadow Touched
Orym Grasping Vine 4 - Via Seedling
Fearne Ice Knife 1 1
Fresh Cut Grass Speak with Animals 1 1
Fresh Cut Grass Spare the Dying Cantrip Cantrip
Imogen Command 1 1
Laudna Hex 1 3 S***head
Imogen Prestidigitation Cantrip Cantrip
Imogen Sending 3 3 Ashton
Fresh Cut Grass Detect Thoughts 2 2
Fresh Cut Grass Fast Friends 3 3
Imogen Prestidigitation Cantrip Cantrip
Chetney Invisibility 2 - Shadow Touched
Imogen Mage Hand Cantrip Cantrip
Laudna Message Cantrip Cantrip
Imogen Invisibility 2 - Shadow Touched
Laudna Unsettling Presence - -
Imogen Detect Thoughts 2 2
Fresh Cut Grass Guidance Cantrip Cantrip
Fresh Cut Grass Light Cantrip Cantrip
Imogen Sending 3 3 Morri

PC natural 20s

Total: 3

Timestamp Character Description
00:52:05 Fearne History Check
01:52:13 Orym Perception Check
02:11:47 Chetney Perception Check

PC natural 1s

Total: 2

Timestamp Character Description
00:34:24 Orym Perception Check with advantage and Halfling Luck (disregarded)
03:44:35 Chetney Insight Check

Timestamp Payer Where obtained Receipient How obtained Gained item(s) Gained money Paid item(s) Paid money Notes
01:19:15 Orym - Carolle Gifted 5pp
01:19:34 Fearne - Carolle Gifted Plurple poppy
02:03:30 Ebenold Kai - FCG Stolen Kitchen equipment
03:03:35 Ebenold Kai - Laud Stolen Spices