The Omen Archive

The Omen Archive was founded in 2024 to carry on the work of CritRoleStats after its retirement. Like its predecessor, the Omen Archive is an independent project unaffiliated with Critical Role LLC.

At present, the Omen Archive is working only to compile data from Campaign 3. This may change as the project continues. All data on this site from prior to Campaign 3 Episode 82 was provided by the team at CritRoleStats.

There are four archivists behind the Omen Archive project: Archivist Shadow, Archivist Fey, Archivist Astral, and Archivist Ethereal, none of whom are secretly members of any Exandrian research organizations, and who wouldn’t tell you if they were.


Archivist Astral

A white
    signature reading “Archivist Astral”. The text is angled up and to the right
    and the capital A'ss are made in one triangular stroke ending in a

Archivist Astral would describe themself as a scientifically analytical mind amidst a predominantly arcane world. In their duties to the Omen Archive, they seek to record the details of events so that they may glean the patterns and truths hidden amidst the endless unknowns. When they aren’t busy with their record-keeping duties, they spend their time pondering the natural atmospheric and oceanic patterns of Exandria—they hope to record these too someday.

Archivist Shadow

A white
    signature reading “Archivist Shadow”. The text is cursive and underlined and
    the capital S is stretched vertically into almost an integral sign.

Archivist Shadow is an informational magpie, cousin to the birds favored by the Raven Queen, gathering up information both on their own and from their fellow archivists. They wing the information from the Omen Archive to our predecessors at CritRoleStats, and pretty up the website with shiny rocks, sticks, and custom graphics. One day they would like to broaden the search capabilities of our data to a truly unnecessary degree, just because databases are magic.

Archivist Fey

A white
    signature reading “Archivist Fey”. The bottom of the s connects to the top
    bar of the capital F below, and the tails of the A, F, and y end in brief

Archivist Fey dwells in lore, words, and narrative. As they gather information for the shelves of the Omen Archive, they keep a particularly close eye on the details that define each character. An ardent user of the Linkable Transcript site and hobby writer, they share Archivist Shadow’s dream of opening the doors of our data as wide as they will go for the curious from all walks of fandom.

Archivist Ethereal

    white signature reading “Archivist Ethereal”. The vertical components of all
    letters are angled forward identically and the horizontal components are
    perfectly flat. The edges of the letters are rough and fuzzy.

Archivist Ethereal sits in the space between spaces, patiently stitching each page of the Archive into the world’s Weave. A devoted participant themself in the games of heroes and magic, they eagerly follow the exploits of Exandria’s chosen, wishing to share their learnings through the threads that connect us all. They hope you too find solace in the illusory script that structures their realm.


Are you affiliated with Critical Role?

No. We’re just a group of TTRPG nerds who like to sit around and archive stats about the show.

Are you spoiler free?

No, so proceed with caution!

What stats do you archive?

We archive all manner of things, from specific roll outcomes to how often the players make Matt facepalm. There’s plenty more beyond those examples, and we highly encourage you to explore the site and discover what all is currently available. Keep an eye out for new stats too as we continue to build the archive…

I noticed you don’t archive [X] stat, is there a way for me to suggest this?

Good question, and good eye. While we try our best to catalog and share the stats we think the community will be interested in, there may be some stats that hold particular interest to certain people. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you’re welcome to ask us about it at the email address provided at the end of this FAQ. We can’t promise that we’ll add every suggestion given to us, but we’re certainly open to ideas. Regardless, we encourage you to track the stats you’re passionate about and share them with the community too!

Are you on social media?

We are indeed, though unlike our predecessors we will not be live-posting while new episodes are airing. These accounts will mostly be used for sharing general updates. Here are our currently active accounts:

Are we allowed to use your stats for our own analyses and post our findings online?

Absolutely! We (and we’re sure many others) would love to see what kinds of interesting discoveries you make with the data we archive. We just ask that you keep a few things in mind:

  1. Please make sure that what you share is derivative of the data i.e. not a direct re-posting of the raw data.
  2. Make sure to cite back to us, and to CritRoleStats for data collected prior to C3E082.
  3. As CritRoleStats said before us, use the data for good and not evil; don’t use it to bash the cast and/or crew of Critical Role.

Are you able to tell the Critical Role cast/crew when they’ve got something recorded wrong, or when they’ve messed up a rule or ability use?

We take a similar stance on this as our predecessors, in that we do not aim to interfere with the show, only observe and archive data related to it. If there is a mistake, it is the cast and/or crew’s role to handle that, not ours. It’s their game after all; we’ve just been invited along for the ride.

We also remind you to be patient with the players and the DM. Anyone who has played a TTRPG game before will tell you that it’s easy to forget things in the heat of the moment. Mistakes are human. Don’t forget to look at the situation with empathy.

Can I contribute data to the Omen Archive or help in some other way?

Currently, we are holding off on accepting contributions from outside parties. However, community involvement/engagement is an on-going topic of discussion for us behind the scenes, and we will let you all know if and when we decide on how we would like to do that. But don’t let that stop you from sharing your findings with the world in the meantime!

What if I have a question in general?

You can reach out to us at