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Data prior to Campaign 3 Episode 82 provided by the team at CritRoleStats. Please see Running Times - Marquet - Google Sheets for their version of this data.

Total length Start time End time Rounds In game time
Total 76h 22m 30s 132:02:42 208:25:12 247 24m 33s
Average 1h 1m 55s 01:47:03 02:48:59 3 19s

Episode Encounter Total length Start time End time Rounds In game time Notes
C3E001 The Draw of Destiny Inanimate Objects 41m 29s 01:39:55 02:21:24 2 12s
C3E002 Trial by Firelight Lord Ariks Eshteross 39m 25s 00:15:48 00:55:13 3 18s
C3E003 The Trail and the Toll Dugger and Shade Creepers (Weary Way Tavern) 1h 11m 53s 01:42:34 02:54:27 4 24s
C3E005 The Threat Between the Walls Dugger and Shade Creepers (Dugger's Home) 1h 38m 45s 02:10:55 03:49:40 6 36s
C3E007 Behind the Curtain Spitting Mimic 53m 59s 02:27:32 03:21:31 4 24s
C3E011 Chasing Nightmares Nightmare King + Inanimate Objects 1h 34m 34s 00:24:55 01:59:29 4 24s
C3E014 In Too Deep General Ratanish Fisticuffs 28m 43s 00:19:05 00:47:48 8 48s
C3E014 In Too Deep Emoth Kade and Shade Creepers (Quorum Ball) 1h 17m 58s 02:20:14 03:38:12 4 24s
C3E015 The Tunnels Below Shade Creepers (Crownset Mines) 1h 14m 37s 02:56:23 04:11:00 3 18s
C3E016 The Shade Mother Shade Mother (Crownset Mines) 1h 46m 1s 00:45:05 02:31:06 4 24s
C3E018 A Hungry Jungle Oderan Fairy-Lure Mantrap 1h 12m 13s 00:13:08 01:25:21 3 18s
C3E020 Breaking and Entering... Twilight Mirror Museum Marionettes 25m 3s 02:19:35 02:44:38 3 18s
C3E021 Fight at the Museum… Twilight Mirror Museum Clay Wardens 1h 11m 41s 00:12:25 01:24:06 4 24s
C3E023 To The Skies Skirath Hunters 1h 7m 47s 02:13:00 03:20:47 3 18s
C3E024 The Hellcatch Valley Bassuras Ruffians 1h 42s 02:28:25 03:29:07 3 18s
C3E027 A Race for the Prize Orym and Dusk spar 13m 21s 01:17:25 01:30:46 5 30s
C3E028 The Deathwish Run The Deathwish Run 2h 49m 27s 00:46:40 03:36:07 8 48s *The race's timing does not follow typical 5e rules. Although the race itself took about 15 minutes, for the sake of consistency, each round of actions are instead attributed with standard D&D 6-second intervals.
C3E029 Dark Portents Birdie and Yu 29m 11s 00:29:35 00:58:46 2 12s
C3E030 Reunion & Revelation Fists of the Ruiner Ruin-Crawler 1h 12m 8s 00:40:48 01:52:56 2 12s
C3E031 Breaking Point Fresh Cut Grass (Hellcatch Valley Lab) 14m 9s 03:01:13 03:15:22 1 6s
C3E033 Blood and Dust Otohan Thull (Bassuras Streets) 1h 53m 29s 02:01:21 03:54:50 6 36s
C3E036 A Desperate Call Lingering Horrors 1h 7m 5s 02:49:14 03:56:19 4 24s
C3E037 From the Boughs Ghostly Tendrils 12m 10s 01:43:21 01:55:31 1 6s
C3E037 From the Boughs Shade of Delilah Briarwood (Corrupted Sun Tree) 1h 21m 12s 02:47:30 04:08:42 3 18s
C3E039 The Momentum of Murder Chetney Under Ruidus (Silver Sun) 14m 19s 03:03:30 03:17:49 3 18s
C3E040 Compulsions Chimera and Cockatrices 1h 31s 00:57:36 01:58:07 4 24s 1 pre-round + 3 rounds full encounter
C3E041 Call of the Wild Chetney, Feral Conduit of Sahyaadon 1h 17m 34s 02:33:42 03:51:16 5 30s
C3E044 Bawdy Basement Belligerence Ruby Vanguard Scouts 1h 44m 41s 00:32:04 02:16:45 5 30s "Perfomers" gambit rounds included
C3E046 Night at the Ligament Manor Centaur Hunters 33m 7s 03:39:01 04:12:08 2 12s 1 "Surprise" Round + 1 round
C3E047 The Fey Key Shiver Keep 1h 5m 2s 03:13:54 04:18:56 7 42s 1 "Surprise" Round + 6 rounds
C3E050 Red Moon Rising Vanguard Watchers and Warder 43m 39s 02:13:14 02:56:53 3 18s
C3E051 The Apogee Solstice Vanguard Watchers (Power Core Cavern) 19m 58s 02:05:27 02:25:25 2 12s
C3E051 The Apogee Solstice Ludinus, Otohan, Liliana, and Allies 30m 55s 03:54:33 04:25:28 1 6s
C3E052 Far From The Others Frost Salamander 34m 11s 00:36:49 01:11:00 3 18s
C3E052 Far From The Others Chetney Under Catha (Greying Wildlands) 16m 43s 03:23:25 03:40:08 4 24s
C3E053 Ripples Umudara the Sentinel Beast 10m 26s 03:09:38 03:20:04 1 6s
C3E054 Treacherous Toys Pymon Firebugs 1h 14s 02:13:30 03:13:44 4 24s
C3E054 Treacherous Toys Craskkalid 27m 29s 03:17:53 03:45:22 2 12s Dawn Round + 1 Round to Polymorph
C3E056 By Goat or By Boat Flotket Alps Frost Giants 14m 36s 00:25:53 00:40:29 2 12s
C3E056 By Goat or By Boat Bog Wretch and Pixies 46m 39s 02:15:20 03:01:59 3 18s
C3E057 The Sorrow of Molaesmyr Molaesmyr Ghosts 47m 21s 00:52:12 01:39:33 2 12s
C3E058 Escape From The Past Hatemonger (Gildhollow Tower) 1h 6m 24s 00:09:52 01:16:16 3 18s
C3E059 Somewhere Out There Corpse Flower and Shambling Mounds 58m 02:21:57 03:19:57 3 18s
C3E061 Crisis of Faith Sunrise Sanctuary 2h 55m 44s 00:13:07 03:08:51 5 30s
C3E063 A Haunted Past Evithorir 1h 24m 30s 00:20:46 01:45:16 4 24s
C3E063 A Haunted Past Bor'Dor Dog'Son 33m 38s 02:32:46 03:06:24 2 12s
C3E065 A Path of Vengeance Werewolf Bounty Hunter 26m 40s 02:10:36 02:37:16 4 24s
C3E066 Aid of the Tempest Devourer Demon and Undead (Grey Valley) 1h 21m 28s 03:15:31 04:36:59 3 18s
C3E067 Bloody Flowers Vrocks 18m 59s 00:55:42 01:14:41 2 12s
C3E067 Bloody Flowers Extovass the Gluttonous (Iridon Bastion) 2h 1m 11s 02:17:23 04:18:34 5 30s
C3E070 Embattled in Bassuras General Ratanish (Imahara Joe's) 2h 20m 39s 00:43:48 03:04:27 10 1m 3 rounds + 6 preparation + 1 round finish
C3E071 Mist and Whimsy Bari Mondolo (Slival) 50m 15s 02:15:42 03:05:57 3 18s
C3E072 Phantasmal Parley The Crimson Abyss Crew (Slival) 1h 40m 4s 00:53:18 02:33:22 4 24s
C3E073 Kindling the Spirits Basalt Caecilian (Kalutha) 56m 7s 03:08:33 04:04:40 3 18s
C3E075 An Ancient Flame Ludinus and Ruby Vanguard (Kalutha) 1h 18m 24s 02:28:24 03:46:48 3 18s
C3E077 The Promise and the Price Ghosts (Whitestone Castle) 28m 14s 00:57:17 01:25:31 3 18s
C3E080 A Test of Trust Trust Exercise 2h 4m 43s 00:12:58 02:17:41 7 42s *Although Matt claimed "loose initiative," we will follow the guidelines of 5e per-round rules for this chart.
C3E082 Rush for the Bloody Bridge Rescuing Ishto 29m 22s 01:25:18 01:54:40 1 6s
C3E082 Rush for the Bloody Bridge Entering the Bloody Bridge 1h 4m 03:14:22 04:18:22 3 18s
C3E083 Ruidus Escaping the Ruidian Base Camp 1h 15m 14s 00:20:47 01:36:01 4 24s *End time calculated at moment of confirmed group Stealth Check success.
C3E084 Red Rural Revelations Fight in Bormodo Village (Ruidus) 1h 28m 15s 02:19:07 03:47:22 4 24s
C3E085 Intense Interrogations Mindcontrolled PVP (Ruidus) 14m 32s 00:34:43 00:49:15 1 6s
C3E085 Intense Interrogations Otohan (Ruidus) 15m 50s 02:20:17 02:36:07 2 12s
C3E086 Doorways to Darker Depths Shadow Tendrils (Lake Umamu) 49m 7s 02:07:17 02:56:24 *no initiative called, time tracked from start of second half to when Animate Object fully dispels
C3E087 Arrival at Kreviris Fight in Kreviris Street 48m 11s 02:40:04 03:28:15 2 12s
C3E088 Seeking Sedition Basement Slither Avoidance 30m 3s 00:46:34 01:16:37 1 6s *Started from Imogen’s Inflict Wounds, ended when Laudna dropped Darkness
C3E090 Mission Improbable Imperium Laboratory 35m 13s 03:22:17 03:57:30 2 12s
C3E091 True Heroism Otohan in the Kreviris tunnels 2h 40m 58s 01:51:11 04:32:09 5 30s *calculated from start of second half
C3E092 Broken Roads The Corruption of Opal 2h 9m 57s 02:15:01 04:24:58 2 12s *starts at Hex Blade curse, goes to end of episode
C3E093 Bittersweet Reunions The Corruption of Opal, continued 2h 17m 10s 00:13:34 02:30:44 4 24s *starts at episode start, ends when the Spider Queen accepts Fy'ra staying and tells Opal that she's staying, the others are going, and to turn them away if they come back
C3E094 Where The Red Fearne Glows Dark Mirror Fearne 46m 36s 00:50:45 01:37:21 4 24s
C3E095 Gathering of Needs Laudna and Ishta 14m 44s 03:42:26 03:57:10 *starts at Laudna casting Wither and Bloom, ends with Orym asking what's going on; no initiative called
C3E097 Ancient Sins The Tomb Tapper 56m 13s 00:09:00 01:05:13 2 12s
C3E098 The Nox Engine Dominox 1h 17m 38s 02:18:32 03:36:10 3 9s *Starts directly after break, initiative called at break lead-in; calling end with Ludinus saying "I merely wish to talk"