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Full time Gameplay time Game 1st half Game 2nd half Mid break 1st start 1st end 2nd start 2nd end
3h 31m 28s 3h 6m 14s 1h 44m 55s 1h 21m 19s 14m 56s 00:08:39 01:53:34 02:08:30 03:29:49

Encounter Total length Start time End time Rounds In game time Notes
Mindcontrolled PVP (Ruidus) 14m 32s 00:34:43 00:49:15 1 6s
Otohan (Ruidus) 15m 50s 02:20:17 02:36:07 2 12s

Map number Map

Name First mention First appearance Race (if given) Description (if given)
Ruby Vanguard Member C3E085 Intense Interrogations at 00:21:45 C3E085 Intense Interrogations at 00:21:45 Elf Accompanying Hytroga. Very gaunt, elven, extremely pale/powdery/almost transluscent skin
Juggernaut C3E085 Intense Interrogations at 00:21:45 C3E085 Intense Interrogations at 00:21:45 Reilora Accompanying Hytroga

Timestamp Occasion Type
00:35:04 Mind Controlled PVP Unknown

NOTE: Numbers represent damage as dealt, taking into account resistances and other effects, and may differ from the damage as rolled.

Character Damage dealt
Ashton 39
Fearne 0
Imogen 0
Laudna 35
Orym 27
Chetney 0

Character Healing performed
Ashton 1
Fearne 19
FCG 15
Imogen 0
Laudna 0
Orym 0
Chetney 0

Character Spell Base level Cast at Notes
Fearne Guidance Cantrip Cantrip
Imogen Mage Hand Cantrip Cantrip
Laudna Unsettling Presence - -
Laudna Form of Dread - -
Fearne Guidance Cantrip Cantrip
Orym Dominate Person 5 - From absorbing Willmaster's power
Fresh Cut Grass Channel Divinity: Sympathetic Binding - -
Chetney See Invisibility 2 - Via Monocle of True Essence
Fresh Cut Grass Cure Wounds 1 3 Petrov heals 15 points
Fearne Cure Wounds 1 3 Verdo heals 18 points
Fresh Cut Grass Misty Step 2 - Via Staff of Dark Odyssey
Fresh Cut Grass Banishment 4 6 Otohan, FCG, Fearne
Imogen Dancing Lights Cantrip Cantrip
Fresh Cut Grass Light Cantrip Cantrip
Fearne Water Breathing 3 3
Laudna Spider Climb 2 2
Fresh Cut Grass Guidance Cantrip Cantrip
Fearne Wild Shape - - Leaf sheep sea slug

PC natural 20s

Total: 2

Timestamp Character Description
02:31:27 Laudna Hunger of the Shadow Shard against Willmaster Edmuda with advantage
02:51:12 Chetney Perception Check

PC natural 1s

Total: 2

Timestamp Character Description
01:52:23 Fearne Perception Check
02:23:07 FCG Strength Save

Total: 1

Timestamp Character Description
02:31:27 Laudna Willmaster Edmuda, essence absorbed via Hunger of the Shadow Shard

Timestamp Payer Where obtained Receipient How obtained Gained item(s) Gained money Paid item(s) Paid money Notes
01:39:12 Ashton Looted Two silver rings and a gold band(*later identified to be a ring of life awareness and a ring of protection) 163gp
03:16:17 Laudna Looted Doll
03:17:38 Entire party Looted 35 Goodberries