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Data prior to Campaign 3 Episode 82 provided by the team at CritRoleStats. Please see MQ HDYWTDT — CritRoleStats for their version of this data.

Total: 74

Episode Timestamp Character Description
C3E001 The Draw of Destiny 02:01:01 Ashton Broom
C3E001 The Draw of Destiny 02:06:26 Orym Sword
C3E001 The Draw of Destiny 02:12:44 Imogen Knife
C3E001 The Draw of Destiny 02:15:30 Laudna Rug
C3E001 The Draw of Destiny 02:20:55 Ashton Table
C3E003 The Trail and the Toll 02:50:21 Fearne Shade Creeper
C3E005 The Threat Between the Walls 03:26:07 Dorian Dugger
C3E007 Behind the Curtain 03:18:56 Dorian Spitting Mimic
C3E015 The Tunnels Below 04:04:54 Chetney Mutated Shade Creeper
C3E018 A Hungry Jungle 01:23:55 FCG Plant
C3E021 Fight at the Museum… 01:06:41 Fearne Clay Warden 1
C3E021 Fight at the Museum… 01:23:31 Orym Clay Warden 2
C3E023 To The Skies 03:09:35 Orym Skirath Hunter 1
C3E023 To The Skies 03:19:12 Ashton Skirath Hunter 2
C3E024 The Hellcatch Valley 03:24:48 Imogen Ruffians 1 & 3
C3E024 The Hellcatch Valley 03:28:50 Laudna Ruffian 5
C3E028 The Deathwish Run 01:39:07 Imogen Crawler D Driver and Passenger
C3E028 The Deathwish Run 02:37:43 Orym Crawler A Driver
C3E028 The Deathwish Run 02:39:51 Ashton Crawler A
C3E028 The Deathwish Run 03:24:53 Ashton Kagaronk
C3E030 Reunion & Revelation 01:45:44 Fearne Fists of the Ruiner Gunner
C3E031 Breaking Point 03:13:23 Fearne Fresh Cut Grass
C3E036 A Desperate Call 03:21:28 Ashton Lingering Horror 1
C3E036 A Desperate Call 03:47:22 Fearne Lingering Horror 3
C3E036 A Desperate Call 03:55:32 Ashton Lingering Horror 2
C3E037 From the Boughs 01:54:58 Chetney Tendril 1
C3E037 From the Boughs 04:07:14 Imogen Tree Trunk
C3E040 Compulsions 01:56:56 Fearne Chimera
C3E044 Bawdy Basement Belligerence 01:56:55 Orym Ruby Vanguard Rogue-Fighter
C3E044 Bawdy Basement Belligerence 02:11:28 Chetney Tuldus
C3E046 Night at the Ligament Manor 04:04:23 Ashton Tree
C3E046 Night at the Ligament Manor 04:10:47 Laudna/Fearne/Imogen Centaur
C3E047 The Fey Key 03:53:47 Ashton Eremad 2
C3E050 Red Moon Rising 02:55:37 Laudna Warder
C3E051 The Apogee Solstice 02:21:06 Orym Ruby Vanguard member
C3E052 Far From The Others 01:09:52 Fearne Creature
C3E054 Treacherous Toys 03:12:58 FRIDA Pymon Firebug Swarm 5
C3E056 By Goat or By Boat 03:01:04 Chetney Bog Wretch
C3E057 The Sorrow of Molaesmyr 01:38:40 Chetney Ghost 4
C3E059 Somewhere Out There 01:15:08 Fearne Hatemonger
C3E059 Somewhere Out There 02:44:28 Prism Shambling Mound 1
C3E059 Somewhere Out There 03:12:38 Orym Shambling Mound 2
C3E059 Somewhere Out There 03:18:45 Deni$e Corpse Flower
C3E061 Crisis of Faith 01:16:51 Bor’Dor Kiro
C3E061 Crisis of Faith 02:27:25 Barlgura/Hound of Ill Omen Judicator
C3E061 Crisis of Faith 03:06:22 Bor’Dor Dawnborn Angel
C3E063 A Haunted Past 01:43:01 Laudna Evithorir
C3E066 Aid of the Tempest 04:25:08 Laudna Wraith 2
C3E066 Aid of the Tempest 04:34:52 Imogen Demon
C3E067 Bloody Flowers 01:14:03 Imogen Vrock 2
C3E067 Bloody Flowers 04:16:43 Fearne Extovass the Gluttonous
C3E070 Embattled in Bassuras 01:42:12 Chetney Paragon’s Call Member
C3E070 Embattled in Bassuras 02:14:36 Mister Paragon’s Call Rogue
C3E070 Embattled in Bassuras 03:02:49 Orym Ratanish
C3E073 Kindling the Spirits 04:03:38 Ashton Basalt Caecilian
C3E075 An Ancient Flame 03:11:43 Orym Reiloran Juggernaut
C3E077 The Promise and the Price 01:24:30 Laudna Ghosts 2 and 3
C3E082 Rush for the Bloody Bridge 01:53:41 Laudna Reiloran Shrike
C3E084 Red Rural Revelations 03:36:11 Chetney Claw against Razora Reiloran Shrike 2
C3E084 Red Rural Revelations 03:24:23 Orym Seedling Goading with Hex against Razora Ruby Vanguard 4
C3E087 Arrival at Kreviris 03:03:37 Fearne Natural 20 scorching ray on Avadon
C3E087 Arrival at Kreviris 03:16:27 Ashton Hammer attack on Reilora
C3E087 Arrival at Kreviris 03:19:52 Laudna Blight on Reilora
C3E087 Arrival at Kreviris 03:26:03 Orym Ripost on Reiloran Juggernaut
C3E087 Arrival at Kreviris 03:27:43 FCG Scramble the dead on Avadon
C3E088 Seeking Sedition 01:08:03 Orym eviscerates basement Slither
C3E090 Mission Improbable 03:26:07 Orym Reiloran Mystic in Arx Creonium lab,post-Action Surge nat 20 attack, slashes its leg, neck, gut, and then slams it onto the table
C3E090 Mission Improbable 03:42:55 Orym Blade Baron, lands on his chest with a stab, slashes his neck then stabs him through the eye
C3E090 Mission Improbable 03:56:29 Chetney Adolescent Vidulch, one swipe up the sternum and then reaches in and grabs the rib cage and rips it open like a zipper
C3E091 True Heroism 04:31:01 Fresh Cut Grass Otohan Thull, self-detonated using a Guiding Bolt to their arcane core
C3E093 Bittersweet Reunions 01:50:45 Morrighan Spider
C3E094 Where The Red Fearne Glows 01:33:34 Fearne Dark Mirror Fearne, hit her with 3rd level Scorching Ray from on the ground
C3E097 Ancient Sins 01:04:37 Orym Tomb Tapper, final thrust of blade through head after multiple attacks while running up arm Shadow of the Colussus style
C3E098 The Nox Engine 03:31:06 Teven Klask How do I want to do this? Dominox, drives blade into Dominox’s chest and carves him in half