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Data prior to Campaign 3 Episode 82 provided by the team at CritRoleStats. Please see Ashton's Rages — CritRoleStats for their version of this data.

Episode Timestamp Occasion Type
C3E001 The Draw of Destiny 01:59:19 Animated Objects Gravity
C3E002 Trial by Firelight 00:24:30 Lord Eshteross Time
C3E003 The Trail and the Toll 01:26:33 Dugger and Shade Creepers (inn) Time
C3E005 The Threat Between the Walls 02:32:28 Dugger and Shade Creepers (house) Gravity
C3E007 Behind the Curtain 02:21:39 Spitting Mimic Gravity
C3E011 Chasing Nightmares 00:42:35 Ira and Furniture Time
C3E014 In Too Deep 00:19:06 General Ratanish Space
C3E014 In Too Deep 00:22:50 General Ratanish Probability
C3E014 In Too Deep 03:18:01 Emoth Kade and Shade Creepers Gravity
C3E015 The Tunnels Below 03:05:38 Shade Creepers Time
C3E016 The Shade Mother 00:51:22 Shade Mother Time
C3E016 The Shade Mother 02:45:34 Shade Creepers Time
C3E018 A Hungry Jungle 00:32:48 Plant Probability
C3E023 To The Skies 02:27:29 Skirath Hunters Space
C3E024 The Hellcatch Valley 00:43:39 Crystal Punching Space
C3E024 The Hellcatch Valley 00:44:09 Crystal Punching Space
C3E024 The Hellcatch Valley 00:56:33 Crystal Punching Unknown
C3E024 The Hellcatch Valley 02:41:36 Bassuras Ruffians Time
C3E028 The Deathwish Run 00:59:53 Deathwish Gravity
C3E028 The Deathwish Run 02:09:20 Deathwish Gravity
C3E028 The Deathwish Run 03:23:40 Deathwish Gravity
C3E030 Reunion & Revelation 01:10:36 Fists of the Ruiner Gravity
C3E033 Blood and Dust 00:57:03 Seat of Disdain siege Gravity
C3E033 Blood and Dust 01:25:49 Seat of Disdain siege Space
C3E033 Blood and Dust 02:11:45 Otohan Thull Time
C3E033 Blood and Dust 02:50:23 Otothan Thull Space
C3E035 Pyrrhic Return 01:18:51 Sand storm Unknown
C3E035 Pyrrhic Return 04:06:59 Detect Thoughts Unknown
C3E036 A Desperate Call 02:59:29 Lingering Horrors Probability
C3E036 A Desperate Call 03:53:04 Lingering Horrors Time
C3E037 From the Boughs 02:53:33 Delilah Briarwood Probability
C3E040 Compulsions 01:11:17 Cockatrices and Chimera Probability
C3E041 Call of the Wild 02:37:38 Chetney Time
C3E050 Red Moon Rising 02:24:18 Warder and Vanguard members Space
C3E059 Somewhere Out There 02:32:04 Plants Space
C3E061 Crisis of Faith 00:17:40 Sunrise Sanctuary Probability
C3E063 A Haunted Past 00:25:11 Evithorir Gravity
C3E063 A Haunted Past 02:41:53 Bor’Dor Gravity
C3E066 Aid of the Tempest 03:32:50 Demon Gravity
C3E067 Bloody Flowers 01:03:36 Vrocks Probability
C3E067 Bloody Flowers 02:38:05 Extovass the Gluttonous and friends Probability
C3E070 Embattled in Bassuras 01:12:35 Ratanish and Paragon’s Call Space
C3E070 Embattled in Bassuras 02:54:38 Ratanish Time
C3E071 Mist and Whimsy 02:33:26 Bari Mondolo Probability
C3E071 Mist and Whimsy 02:52:31 Bari Mondolo Probability
C3E072 Phantasmal Parley 01:00:03 Crimson Abyss Crew Space
C3E074 Roots Between Worlds 00:52:08 Getting across a river Gravity
C3E075 An Ancient Flame 01:10:39 Going down the tunnel Space
C3E075 An Ancient Flame 01:42:30 With the shard Time
C3E075 An Ancient Flame 02:34:48 Ludinus and co. Gravity
C3E075 An Ancient Flame 03:04:34 Ludinus and co. Space
C3E077 The Promise and the Price 03:51:27 Shard absorption Probability
C3E077 The Promise and the Price 03:59:57 Shard absorption Unknown
C3E077 The Promise and the Price 04:01:45 Shard absorption Probability
C3E078 Fractures 02:44:09 Chetney tests Ashton’s new arm Unknown
C3E079 To Hurt Is to Heal 03:40:40 Communication Trial Gravity
C3E080 A Test of Trust 00:28:02 Trust Exercise Time
C3E080 A Test of Trust 02:12:54 Trust Exercise Time
C3E082 Rush for the Bloody Bridge 01:46:53 Approaching the Bloody Bridge Space
C3E082 Rush for the Bloody Bridge 03:32:20 Approaching the Bloody Bridge Time
C3E083 Ruidus 01:09:19 Ruidus Space
C3E084 Red Rural Revelations 02:37:38 Fight in Bormodo Village Gravity
C3E085 Intense Interrogations 00:35:04 Mind Controlled PVP Unknown
C3E087 Arrival at Kreviris 03:13:55 Fight in Kreviris Gravity
C3E090 Mission Improbable 03:01:10 Detonation mission Time
C3E091 True Heroism 02:14:22 Otohan fight Gravity
C3E091 True Heroism 03:27:34 Otohan fight Space
C3E094 Where The Red Fearne Glows 03:33:49 Containing Astrid Becke Probability
C3E095 Gathering of Needs 02:49:54 Talking to Essek Space
C3E095 Gathering of Needs 02:55:00 Talking to Essek Gravity
C3E095 Gathering of Needs 02:56:25 Talking to Essek Probability
C3E096 Shadows New and Old 02:13:38 Imogen teleports the group Unknown
C3E097 Ancient Sins 00:12:28 Fight in Aeor Time
C3E098 The Nox Engine 02:49:46 Fight against Dominox Gravity