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HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing:

Created by Flando Maltrizian, Master of Time(stamps)
Timestamp Description
00:00:55 The Germans
00:04:20 Laura’s merch corner
00:08:20 The team is coming apart at the seams
00:09:15 Intro cinematic
00:13:40 Recap Ends (Laudna and Imogen)
00:25:05 Rest of the team
00:27:00 Dorian gets updated on relationships
00:30:40 Being the villain and choosing not to be
00:32:20 Can she be trusted
00:38:25 Forgiveness
00:47:05 Fearne still has concerns
00:48:30 Laudna strikes back
00:50:15 Orym can hear everyone speak (trust game)
00:56:40 Chetney conks out (spin the bottle)
00:57:40 So it begin
01:00:20 Bells Hells cheer
01:02:35 Chetney and Orym are up early
01:04:00 Dorian preps his weapons
01:08:50 No pulp
01:10:25 Suit up
01:11:16 Chetney new outfit
01:12:26 Orym’s new outfit
01:14:11 Imogen’s new outfit
01:14:51 Dorian’s new outfit
01:16:00 Nip armor
01:17:50 Laudna’s new outfit
01:19:30 Fearne’s new outfit
01:21:10 Ashton’s new outfit
01:25:05 Sorting magic items
01:29:20 Marisha thinks the sword is great
01:31:15 Essek is still sassy
01:36:05 Teleportation shenanigans begin
01:43:15 Not good giants
01:57:40 Art Montage
01:59:40 BREAK ENDS
02:00:30 Queen of Voiceover (new Chetney art)
02:01:50 New Laudna art
02:02:50 New Dorian art (damn, wasn’t kidding about that shirt)
02:03:40 New Fearne art
02:04:35 New Imogen art
02:05:25 New Orym art
02:06:20 New Ashton art
02:08:15 Short of breath
02:10:25 Looking into Essek’s mind
02:12:55 Guidance is nice to have
02:15:55 Snowy palm trees
02:19:10 Essek feet pics
02:28:30 Teleport shenanigans end
02:32:30 Ice trolls
02:40:25 Pitons (keester the rod)
02:48:20 The Tomb Takers
02:52:15 Praecidis Ward
03:00:25 Salmon Essek
03:04:25 Grim Psychometry
03:07:20 Time magic is blue
03:13:15 Nothing is safe to touch
03:19:05 Genesis ward
03:30:50 Arcane Eye drone camera
03:41:40 Body pile
03:45:30 Horror movie vision
03:52:35 Orym had to pee
03:57:10 The Toothy Maw
04:01:40 Map out
04:05:55 Episode Ends

Full time Gameplay time Game 1st half Game 2nd half Mid break 1st start 1st end 2nd start 2nd end
4h 1m 3s 3h 33m 59s 1h 32m 38s 2h 1m 21s 16m 2s 00:11:02 01:43:40 01:59:42 04:01:03

Sam was absent this episode. Guests were present.

Map number Map

Name First mention First appearance Race (if given) Description (if given)
Undead frost giants C3E096 Shadows New and Old at 01:42:13 C3E096 Shadows New and Old at 01:42:13 Giant 20-foot-tall humanoids wearing tattered furred armor, with pale grayish blue skin and some visible bone, lumbering gait. One drags a large axe.
Aeorian civilians in stasis bubbles C3E096 Shadows New and Old at 02:58:28 C3E096 Shadows New and Old at 03:04:36 Various Grim Psychometry shows some wearing long drapey robes decorated with silver and gold, others as armored guardians. One human female stands with arms outstretched.
Brashaar (named in C2E134) C3E096 Shadows New and Old at 03:03:47 C3E096 Shadows New and Old at 03:03:47 Human Human female, arms raised. Seems to be mighty and important. There’s a station and an air of confidence about her.
Dead Vanguard elf C3E096 Shadows New and Old at 03:33:06 C3E096 Shadows New and Old at 03:33:06 Elf Wearing Vanguard robes, stabbed own throat with a long dagger after killing their group and carving a symbol onto their chest (two overlapping circles, one larger, with a few other lines carved through them—divine in nature)
Other dead Vanguard members C3E096 Shadows New and Old at 03:33:06 C3E096 Shadows New and Old at 03:33:06 Various (human, elf, halfling) Male human, female human, gnome, halfling. All wearing Vanguard robes and dead from many slash and stab wounds.

Timestamp Occasion Type
02:13:38 Imogen teleports the group Unknown

NOTE: Numbers represent damage as dealt, taking into account resistances and other effects, and may differ from the damage as rolled.

Character Damage dealt
Ashton 0
Fearne 0
Imogen 0
Laudna 0
Orym 0
Dorian 0
Chetney 0

Character Healing performed
Ashton 0
Fearne 0
Imogen 0
Laudna 0
Orym 0
Dorian 19
Chetney 0

Character Spell Base level Cast at Notes
Dorian Cure Wounds 1 2 Casting level not stated but Dorian's spellcasting modifier is +8 and since it was 19 points of healing, it must be at least level 2
Imogen Command 1 1
Laudna Mirror Image 2 2
Imogen Teleport 7 7 Via staff of Dark Odyssey
Fearne Pass Without Trace 2 2
Imogen Dancing Lights Cantrip Cantrip
Chetney Detect Magic 1 1 Via Monocle of True Essence
Imogen Mage Hand Cantrip Cantrip
Laudna Mage Hand Cantrip Cantrip
Chetney Arcane Eye 4 4 Via Monocle of True Essence
Imogen Mage Hand Cantrip Cantrip
Ashton Pass Without Trace 2 2

PC natural 20s

Total: 2

Timestamp Character Description
03:02:07 Imogen Stealth
03:41:27 Chetney Investigation

PC natural 1s

Total: 2

Timestamp Character Description
02:21:56 Ashton Athletics
03:56:20 Laudna Stealth

Timestamp Payer Where obtained Receipient How obtained Gained item(s) Gained money Paid item(s) Paid money Notes
00:42:03 Orym Discarded Ishta the Summit Blade Did not explicitly take sword back last episode but was in his possession again this episode
00:51:03 Chetney Retrieved Ishta the Summit Blade Placed into Bag of Holding
00:53:06 Ashton Laudna Gifted Pipe of Remembrance
01:28:09 Imogen Ashton Gifted Ring of Protection
01:30:03 Orym Consumed Ring of Protection Absorbed using Quintessence Array for 2 HP
02:21:15 Chetney Looted Adolescent Boar carcass
02:24:54 Chetney Created Boar Jerky Adolescent Boar carcass Made for Orym
02:25:32 Chetney Gave Boar Jerky Given to Essek
02:27:07 Chetney Laudna, Fearne, Ashton, Dorian Gave Boar Jerky Boar
02:27:07 Laudna, Fearne, Ashton, Dorian Consumed Boar Jerky
02:40:39 Laudna Chetney Loaned Immovable Rod
03:12:47 Imogen Looted amulet with a dark purple sapphire-like gem on a silver chain
03:13:44 Imogen Discarded amulet with a dark purple sapphire-like gem on a silver chain
03:14:43 Laudna Looted amulet with a dark purple sapphire-like gem on a silver chain

Timestamp Kiss
00:24:45 Imogen kisses Laudna's hand