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Data prior to Campaign 3 Episode 82 provided by the team at CritRoleStats. Please see MQ Kisses — CritRoleStats for their version of this data.

Episode Timestamp Kiss
C3E012 Make It Fashion 00:48:34 Dorian kisses the hand of Seamstress Quatell
C3E013 A Dance of Deception 01:29:00 Lord Drodelon kisses the hand of Fearne
C3E014 In Too Deep 00:57:25 Dorian kisses Ashton on the cheek
C3E014 In Too Deep 04:38:40 Dorian kisses Orym on the forehead
C3E034 What Dreams May Come 03:15:39 Imogen kisses the forehead of Laudna's corpse
C3E050 Red Moon Rising 01:22:25 Fearne kisses Ashton’s head
C3E052 Far From The Others 01:42:18 FRIDA kisses Deanna on the cheek
C3E055 Hope Within History 01:46:41 FRIDA kisses FCG on the cheek, which FCG makes “more lippy”
C3E056 By Goat or By Boat 01:19:00 FRIDA kisses FCG
C3E056 By Goat or By Boat 02:38:58 FCG kisses FRIDA
C3E056 By Goat or By Boat 03:26:55 Deanna kisses FRIDA on the cheek
C3E056 By Goat or By Boat 03:43:29 Deanna kisses the back of FRIDA’s head
C3E058 Escape From The Past 02:49:21 Deanna kisses Imogen on the forehead
C3E063 A Haunted Past 03:49:25 Deni$e gives Laudna a kiss on the cheek
C3E063 A Haunted Past 03:49:55 Deni$e gives Orym a kiss on the cheek
C3E063 A Haunted Past 03:49:55 Deni$e gives Ashton a kiss on the cheek
C3E064 Reunited 00:39:44 FRIDA kisses FCG to get him to calm down
C3E064 Reunited 01:29:16 Deanna kisses the top of FRIDA’s head
C3E064 Reunited 04:04:33 Deanna kisses Chetney on the cheek.
C3E064 Reunited 04:06:30 FRIDA and FCG kiss goodbye
C3E065 A Path of Vengeance 01:11:43 Imogen and Laudna kiss
C3E065 A Path of Vengeance 01:13:38 Imogen and Laudna kiss
C3E065 A Path of Vengeance 02:23:47 Fearne kisses Chetney
C3E067 Bloody Flowers 04:29:32 Teven Klask kisses Fearne’s knuckle
C3E069 Nice 00:54:04 Fearne kisses Orym’s hand
C3E069 Nice 02:01:16 Laudna kisses Imogen
C3E073 Kindling the Spirits 02:36:47 Fearne kisses Cyrillia’s hand
C3E077 The Promise and the Price 03:51:14 Ashton kisses Fearne
C3E078 Fractures 01:15:45 Fearne kisses Chetney’s forehead
C3E078 Fractures 03:34:49 Fearne kisses Nana Morri on the Tummy face
C3E078 Fractures 03:38:19 Birdie kisses Fearne on the cheek
C3E079 To Hurt Is to Heal 01:03:50 Orym kisses Ashton on the forehead
C3E080 A Test of Trust 03:00:02 Imogen kisses Ashton on the cheek
C3E089 Divisive Portents 02:56:02 Imogen kisses Laudna
C3E091 True Heroism 04:38:10 Imogen kisses her fingers and touches the ground for FCG
C3E093 Bittersweet Reunions 03:31:14 Fearne kisses Dorian all over his face to welcome him back
C3E095 Gathering of Needs 02:44:21 Laudna kisses Imogen
C3E095 Gathering of Needs 03:28:53 Fearne kisses Orym good night
C3E095 Gathering of Needs 03:28:55 Fearne kisses Dorian good night
C3E096 Shadows New and Old 00:24:45 Imogen kisses Laudna's hand
C3E097 Ancient Sins 03:06:20 Fearne kisses Teven Klask's kiss mark on her own hand