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Data prior to Campaign 3 Episode 82 provided by the team at CritRoleStats. Please see Dariax - Dropbox for their information specific to Dariax or Exandria Unlimited Campaign Stats — CritRoleStats for their Exandria Unlimited data.

Dariax, class Sorcerer/Bard level 13, with 17 AC, 97 HP, 14 strength, 14 dexterity, 16 constitution, 8 intelligence, 9 wisdom, and 18 charisma. A light-skinned man with short wavy red hair and beard. Wearing a dark gray fabric shirt under a red vest and dark blue cape and holding a staff in his gloved left hand. An emblem of a cross overlaid on a circle hangs over his chest. He smirks confidently towards the viewer.
Art by Hannah Friederichs

Total: 69

Average per episode present: 34.50

Episode Healing performed
C3E093 Bittersweet Reunions 69

Episode Character Spell Base level Cast at Notes
C3E092 Broken Roads Dariax Bless 1 1
C3E092 Broken Roads Dariax Bardic Inspiration - -
C3E092 Broken Roads Dariax Dimension Door 4 4
C3E093 Bittersweet Reunions Dariax Mass Cure Wounds 5 5

Episode Timestamp Payer Where obtained Receipient How obtained Gained item(s) Gained money Paid item(s) Paid money Notes
C3E092 Broken Roads 04:03:41 Dariax Retrieved Opal memory gem
C3E093 Bittersweet Reunions 02:43:21 Dorian Dariax Gifted Lute with scimitar Lute with scimitar